Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Week 46 - Ocoee

HELLO! This week has been WEIRD!

So I got transferred this last week to a lil' place called Ocoee! Hahahahaha. I served in this very area 6 months ago and actually saw some success here. It covers crime hills. . I mean the city pine hills! Oops. Hahaha but it's good to be back but it's been crazy coming back here. It's given me the weirdest sense of deja-vo.  

It's amazing how names and addresses have been flooding back to me since I've gotten here. I've truly seen the gift of thoughts coming back to my remembrance. It was really neat coming back and seeing so many familiar faces. It's really cool! I've been able to contribute and share what missionary work was going on 6 months ago. I feel like a special edition "Throwback missionary". #ThrowbackThursday/transfer 

Our teaching pool has completely changed in 6 months. Except for this one gator named Silvia. Elder Cheung and I were teaching her 6 months ago but health challenges have gotten in the way of her getting baptized. It's also been really hard for missionaries to get in contact with her because of her health. She's read the Book of Mormon and knows it's true and she wants to be baptized! I really think that she is one of the reasons why I'm back in Ocoee. 

My companion is Elder Jennings. He's from Colorado and is hard of hearing. So. . . It's a lot of "what's that?" And "say that again?" But it's actually a blessing since he's asked me to repeat myself. It's actually pointing out how many times I murmur and how I'm quick to judge. So. . I'm changin' plus it's making me more patient. 

Speaking of complaining. Our apartment is infested with roaches and is disgusting and gross. I don't even want to go into the kitchen to make food, it's that bad. . . Sorry I had to rant to someone. 

Down below is a drawing that THE Elder Belnap drew. He's a beast. I'll include more pics of my homies in Conway next week! . . . Because my camera died. 

ANYWAYS!!!! Thank you so much now for all ya do! I'm so grateful for all of your loving emails and letters. I hope you all have an amazing week! I'll catch ya later!

—Elder Coley
Alma 29:8

πŸ²πŸ‰πŸ²πŸ‰πŸ²πŸ‰πŸ²πŸ‰πŸ²πŸ‰πŸ²πŸ‰πŸ²Lizard counter: 550πŸ²πŸ‰πŸ²πŸ‰πŸ²πŸ‰πŸ²πŸ‰πŸ²πŸ‰πŸ²
🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸 Frog counter: 9🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸
πŸŒ²πŸ‘πŸŒΎπŸ”πŸŒ‹CATAN standings 7-8⬅️ I'm still not happy about this 
🚲🚲🚲 803miles 🚲🚲🚲

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