Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Week 13 - Belleview

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CAROL GOT BAPTIZED!!! Thanks again for all your many prayers for her. They really mean a lot to me as well as her. Thanks for being such an amazing support group.

My time with Elder Cortez may be limited this week. Transfers are next week and my training is now over. And it is very unusual to stay with your trainer. Plus Elder Cortez has been here for a very long time. He usually only stays in areas for one or two transfers. But in this area he's been here for four. I have enjoyed my time with Elder Cortez. And I find out on Saturday if for sure if he leaves or not. But as far as I know I may be leaving.

Everybody get excited for general conference. Are you ready to hear from a prophet of God on things that we could all try to improve on. Because I know I sure am. The only sad thing is that I have to stay at the church to watch it and the screen that they stream it on a small. Sad. But. I'm most likely just gonna watch it from my iPad. Sooooo yep. GET EXCITED. 

Today's amazing Mormon message of the day is dare to stand alone. It's one of my favorite talks by President Monson. I really enjoy the message trays to both members preparing to go on missions as well as members who stand up for their beliefs. I was prompted to share this with the lady that we've been working with for about two months. She has a hard time coming to church and she felt like she needed to do something different in her current life. This Mormon message gave her the Strength to seek the truth. I've to hope she'll be able to tune in for conference this week. I also hope that you'll be able to tune into conference this weekend. It is very important for us to listen and to learn from the words of the prophets. You would make Elder Coley really happy if you listen to conference this weekend. You know what else makes Elder Coley so happy? All your many emails and letters. I am so grateful for such great friends and family. I love all you guys and I hope they have an amazing week this week. And don't forget about conference.

—Elder Coley
D&C 123: 17

Alma 2: 38
Acts 2: 38
2 Corinthians 5: 7
D&C 4: 4
Jacob 3: 2

That a awesome Mormon message about standing up for what means most:

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