Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Week 22 - Ocoee

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Thanksgiving was awesome I really enjoyed going member to member asking for turkey. Over the course of three days we had 4 thanksgiving dinners it was awesome. And I actually ended up losing weight at the end of the week because of how much biking we did. It was crazy. 

I really like having p day at the stake center because it's right across the street from the temple. 

Down below is the iPad wallpaper that I threw together I went over the top crazy on it hahaha. Oh and sometimes you just need to have a p day selfie contest with yourself. 

I really enjoy giving priesthood blessings I truly feel blessed to be worthy to hold the priesthood. I feel so in tune with the spirit whenever priesthood blessings are given. I had the opportunity to go into a hospital this past week to give a blessing to someone I've never meet. But because of the Holy Ghost I felt like I knew this lady and I felt her burdens. It truly is amazing to hold the priesthood. 

Yeah.... So I was in a hospital this past week.... I felt like I was going to see my dad at work... But when I didn't see him inside, it was weird. Yeah... I felt a little homesick 

Anyways. I love you guys soooooo much be sure to go check out that awesome new Christmas video A Savior is Born! Be sure to share it with friends and family. Try to help others realize the true meaning of Christmas! I love you guys I'm so grateful for all your love and all of the support you give me. I really do appreciate all of the emails and letters. I hope you all have a terrific week!

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—Elder Coley
James 3: 16


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