Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Week 24 - Ocoee

The stupid voice recorder doesn't work. It's the worst! So you guys only get text today. 

So I'll talk about two things today! Wrecking on my bike, and Yu gi oh cards. And it happened on the same day so that was awesome!  Hahaha first off the wreck! 

So we were riding up to a three way stop and we were planning on just riding threw it. We were riding on the sidewalk and to get to the road you had to make a sharp turn at the end of the sidewalk. Well I was following closely behind my companion. We had some good momentum going, about 10 mph, when instantly my companion stops while I'm taking the jagged sidewalk turn. So I slam on the breaks and turn the handlebars at the same time. Instantly my head ate pavement.... It sucked. My tooth went threw my lip, not all the way threw, it made a huge gash. And my teeth on my bottom jaw was pretty messed up. I think either the glue that keeps the retainer on or something came off. So..... Yeah that sucks. And I got road rash on my chin and kneecap. BUT MY CLOTHES WERE FINE! #miracles.  I should totally have a big rip in my pants but I don't. It's awesome. Oh I almost got hit by 3 cars this week it was crazy! So I still appreciate all your prayers for safety

The next story..... It's shorter. We went into a garage sale looking for a baseball mitt and not only did we get the mitt we also left the garage sell with hundreds of Yu gi oh cards! We probably have over a thousand. It brings back so many memories! It's amazing. We're actually playing some right now!  We also contacted the people selling the items too... 

I also included a picture of me dunking.... Like Frankie J 

Anyways I love you like always. I'm so grateful for all of the love and emails and letters and Christmas packages it's the best I love you guys so much! I love you so much. 

—Elder Coley
James 3: 16


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