Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Week 21 Ocoee

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It's actually getting pretty cold here, when it rains. When your soaking wet and your on your bike in 60 degree weather with the humidity on high...... It actually gets kinda cold here. I may haft to invest in a sweater. But yeah... I don't really envy your snow back in Utah. Hahaha.

I was with a member yesterday that gold leafed the Angel Moroni multiple times. He talked about how the Lightning rod on top of Moroni wasn't big enough so lightning would strike the trumpet. He also showed me the gentle process of applying gold leaf. He also is a graphic designer for Disney. He designed a lot of the menus for the Disney parks. I loved his art I included some down below.

I followed in the footsteps of elder Jacob west. The sacrament really can be a sacred experience! When we think of the importance of renewing our baptismal covenant the Sacrament can be as sacred as entering the temple. Never take the opportunity to renew your baptismal covenant for granted.

My companion is actually younger in the mission then I am soooo.... That makes me senior companion. Which is weird because I don't know anything about missionary work hahaha. But Elder Cheung is an amazing missionary. He's pretty awesome.  

Everything is sooooo black! This black guy even had a black Christmas tree!

This weeks awesome Mormon message is the spirit of thanksgiving. I've been sharing it with all the families down here. I love this time of year everyone is grateful for what they have in life and they remember Jesus Christ. It truly a blessing. I love you guys. I'm grateful for such loving friends and family! I'm grateful for all your support and love that I have received. I really have been blessed with wonderful friends and family. I love you guys!

—Elder Coley
3 Nephi 18: 7

That awesome Mormon message:

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Elder Cortez
Elder Cheung
Elder Cortez

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