Monday, August 24, 2015

Week 8 - Belleview

Stake conference was sick, yo. 😆

Haha wow that's one one way to start an email. No but really stake conference was very interesting and I loved it. When I was home I always mourned at stake conference. I always thought that the people who were speaking were old and the talked..... Super.... Slowly... But I really enjoyed this stake conference. It was really cool because Elder Nielson of the quorum of the seventy came down to speak to us. He was a really good speaker and I really enjoyed hearing from him. I also had the opportunity to hear from my mission president as well as his wife. It was interesting to hear what they had to talk about. I feel like everything on Sunday is related to marriage and families ever since the whole gay marriage thing went down. Every talk, every lesson in priesthood, the things in the Ensign. They're all revolving around the subject of marriage. It should be interesting to here from the prophets this coming General Conference. But I really enjoy hearing about this subject and since I've been out here it's really made me think about the qualities that I want in a future wife. I feel like I have more of an idea of who I want to become post mission. 

This is also the end of my first 6 weeks that means the next wave of missionaries come in....... Soooooo.... What does this mean!!! I won't be the youngest in the mission!!! It's funny because our entire district is going to be made up of trainers and trainees. So that should be fun. We also had interviews with the president this last week. I really enjoy getting to know my mission president, he's a great guy. He gives me great counsel as well he's helped me with a lot of my concerns, along with the help of my companion. 

I'm super excited for this week! We have a temple tour planed with one of our investigators and her mom who is a recent convert so I'm looking forward to showing them around the temple grounds. 

Sooooo... Music. Yea, so I enjoy listening to music when I start my day and there's like no music that I could find to listen to and hymns get old pretty quickly sooooooo. I found music on the Lds.org youth page and down below its a good one or at least I think it is. My standards have really dropped off hahahaha. Well I need to go so, I love you all thanks for the support your emails really do make my day. Thank you 😄
I love you guys,


--Elder Coley

2 Nephi 26:30
Mosiah 2:17
Mosiah 28:3
Alma 7:24
Ether 12:28
D&C 88:125

A song that I've been listening to:

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