Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Week 18 - Belleview

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BIKE PROBLEMS. hahaha so we were riding our bikes a little bit more than usual because it was the end of the month. And my pedal was like popping it was weird. It was popping in and out. Soooooo..... I was stripping the inside threads of the pedal crank thingy. Soooooo... Yeah. It was cool though because we were biking home and I was thinking. Man I don't know if I'll make it home before my bike brakes. So I said a small prayer that I'd make it home or that I could at least bike to the inside the gate of our 55+ community. It was so cool. I made it just inside the gate. And I go to pedal one more time and the pedal brakes off the column. It was such a neat experience. I took a picture of the striped out bike. I took it to a bike shop and they were able to retread it and fix it. So.... I have a bike that works. Yeah!

Oh it was really cool we were teaching a less active that had lakefront property. I took a picture of his backyard. He said that he had alligators in his backyard before. I think his backyard looks pretty sweet. 

Mormon message of the week!!! I love this little video it's called: strive go check it out it's a video made up of a bunch of little snippets of different conference talks. It's pretty sweet. You should definitely check it out I really like the advice from Elder Uchtdorf on how to make your relationship with Heavenly Father better. 

I'm sooooo grateful for all your many emails and letters they really do comfort me thank you for the support. I am so very grateful for all your many loving prayers. I feel so blessed to have so many loving a caring friends and family. You guys are the best. Thank you.


—Elder Coley
Mosiah 4: 15

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