Monday, July 20, 2015

Week 3 - Belleview Florida

It's hot. It's humid. It's tiring. It's exhausting. But, I love it. :)
Wow so much has happened since the last time I sent one of these
things out. I guess I'll start at the beginning and work my way down.
The MTC was amazing. I absolutely loved it. I was told that the temple
is the house of God but the MTC is the house of the Spirit. And it's
so true. The MTCs purpose is to feel and to be guided by the spirit.
The last Saturday before I left we met with our mock investigator. And
we committed her to be be baptized. It was the best feeling of my
life. I've never felt the spirit so strongly. I loved the MTC experience (or the 12 days that I went through). But then I boarded a plane and felt like I didn't learn anything in the MTC. Haha. Orlando is a beautiful place. And humid. The grass is horrible. It's not even grass. It's 100% crab grass. It made me a little mad. Haha. My trainer is amazing Elder Cortez is a wonderful guy and I love learning from him. He's very sarcastic and loves the people. It's crazy how different
the field is compared to what expectations were when I left the MTC. I
was expecting to teach the restoration lesson all the time and then having to knock doors or to do street contacting. But I've done the exact opposite of that. I haven't taught any of the lessons from PMG at all, we teach only LARC's (less active/resent converts) and we have so many referrals that we don't have time to talk to people. I love talking to LARC's because it feels just like home
teaching. I've already been to 2 funerals and we've already had one baptism. I'm serving in Belleview Florida and my district covers The Villages which is super nice. It feels like a theme park director and a city planner got down and went crazy. Our ward is made up of retired couples but it's still nice. Since our area is soooo huge we're 100% in a car. So I haven't tested out my bike. I love cars.... Because they have a/c. It's super nice. I'll try to take photos. 

I love my LARC's and my companion and although it's super tough out here and your faith is tested but it's super worth it. You can feel the spirit work threw you
and it makes all the difference. The hardest parts of the mission is when your not teaching someone and your not moving. The members are so nice and it's mostly because they trust Elder Cortez. We're feed about 5 times a week. I love being out here although it's really tough and its spiritually and physically draining. But I've learned so much about myself and my savior as I've been out here

Both were baptized

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