Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Week 1 - MTC

Hello everyone, I love you all and can't wait to see you in two years. I've had such an amazing time in the MTC. I've grown so much and built such a strong relationship with my Heavenly Father. Teaching is amazing. Currently I'm teaching two mock "investigators" and a member. Almost every day we teach a lesson. I absolutely love teaching. When I teach I build a special bond with my Heavenly Father. It's remarkable how the holy ghost  works. I love walking into teach with an open mind and heart, thereby making myself an instrument in the Lords hands. It's amazing on what sometimes the Holy Ghost will fill your mind with something to say and sometimes its completely blank. I love those times because your companion steps in or it gives time for the investigator to think. I love my Father in Heaven. I'm meeting with a scripture comprehension tutor and I love it.
My companion is amazing, although he just laughed at my poor typing skills. Elder Thayne is the coolest and he's basically a copy of myself, we have soooo many similarities it's crazy. But he has so many strengths too. He's a great companion. Sooo....  yeah we're Branch music coordinators, ha ha wasn't expecting that. I lead the music and he plays. Elder Thayne is remarkable on the piano. But I don't know what I'm doing, flailing my arms around in the air. I feel like a bird. It's all working out. 
The Provo temple is closed so I can't go in. sad. Since I didn't pack my gym shoes I got to play beach volleyball a lot. But that's a lot of fun and I enjoy it. My district is amazing everyone is so willing to serve and be obedient. I love them with all my heart. There's 10 of us, 2 sisters 8 elders. 5 elders are going to Orlando with me the others are headed to Anaheim CA and Canada. They are all so amazing I love being with them, they have supported me so much. The first 4 days were tough and long but now I absolutely love the MTC. I love all the packages and letters I have received, they mean so much to me. I always love hearing about you guys. Please email me or send me a letter. I'd greatly appreciate it. The MTC spirit is so remarkable and uplifting its hard to stay down when your being obedient. I love my Companion and my district and its gonna be hard saying goodbye to them. I love Jesus Christ and the atonement he's given me. I love My Heavenly Father. I could go on and on but I need to go. I love missionary work. 

Love Elder Coley
Psalms 27:1
2 nephi 31:19-20
2 nephi 31: 11-12
2 nephi 9: 23
3 nephi 11: 36-38

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